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Updated 10/16/2018

"Joja Peach"

5 Years Old

Joja is a cream classic tabby, rumpy riser, spayed female. A bit shy at first but she did show to Champion status. She gets attached fairly easily and works up to jumping up to hands for pets, starting that when it's feeding time. She helps clean cat food cans for recycling by reaching in with her paw and licking it off, very daintily. To find out more about her contact her breeder at manxtek@gmail.com


3 Years Old

Poppit is a green eyed, white, dock tail, female. She didn't get bred soon enough and was never able to get pregnant. Dr noted a low grade infection at spay. It never responded to meds, sadly. She has the most beautiful face. Poppit loves to watch TV on laps in the evening. She's a bit shy at first but does warm up. Poppit also does the love nibble thing. To find out more about her contact her breeder at manxtek@gmail.com.

Are you considering an Adult Manx for a companion? You should know, Manx live longer than many other cat breeds. Some have been known to live to be over 20 yrs old. Although adult, they still make wonderful pets and companions. They have plenty of life to live and love to give. Some could need a human who understands trust is earned, not given. All will need time to adjust and become comfortable in a new home with new humans and surroundings. If you think you can provide one of these special adult Manx with the love, care and a forever home they deserve, contact us to discuss the possibility of that happening with these adults.

PLEASE NOTE: Any transportation fees are in addition to the sale/adoption/donations. They "could" include airline shipping, a carrier, gas (if personally delivered) a Vet visit, a health certificate and shots.

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